Panduan Menulis Artikel Ilmiah Yang Bombastis

Ini ada panduan membuat artikel (ilmiah) yang bombastis:

  1. Choose your subject matter to be as amenable to sensationalism as possible.
  2. Use a catchy headline, especially if it will undermine the story’s credibility.
  3. Overstate the significance and novelty of the work.
  4. Distort the history of the field and oversimplify the views of scientists.
  5. Remember that controversy sells, and everyone loves an underdog.
  6. Use buzzwords and clichés whenever possible.
  7. Appeal to common misconceptions, and substitute your own opinions and misunderstandings for the views of the scientific community.
  8. Seek balance, particularly where none is warranted.
  9. Obscure the methods and conclusions of the study as much as possible.
  10. Don’t provide any links to the original paper.

Setelah itu jangan lupa ditulis pakai bahasa ilmiah:


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